We know roses are a Valentine’s Day classic, but if you are looking to do a little something out of the box pot (lol), then try these cute Cupcake Bouquets!  These are super easy to make, and with a little creativity, your gift will be the talk of your guy (or gal’s) friends~

This bouquet literally only takes 15-20 minutes!  Here’s how to make your very own….



Styrofoam ball

Green tissue paper

Wooden Skewers (or toothpicks for mini cupcakes & smaller bouquets)

Baked Cupcakes (mini & regular sized)


Let’s get started!

First, you want to make sure your styrofoam ball fits snugly into your planter.  Wrap the ball in a sheet of green tissue paper and place inside.  For a little added security, you can even use a little hot glue to secure the ball to the planter.  Do this ahead of time & please make sure the cupcakes are not in your craft area!! Hot Glue + Cupcakes= FAIL!

Next, decide on your placement of skewers and/or toothpicks, and insert them into the styrofoam ball.  If you are using toothpicks, make sure you use 2 per cupcake to keep secure. Just make sure the toothpicks are close enough for the cupcake to fit.  Any design you select will end up looking like a flower arrangement, so try not to worry too much about getting it perfect.

Continue by placing the full-sized cupcakes on your toothpicks or skewers first.  You will then be able to fill in the spaces with the mini cuppies.

You can frost your cupcakes before or after you have placed them on the skewers.  If this is your first time, I would frost after you are satisfied with the placement. If you decide to frost the cupcakes ahead of time, start decorating your bouquet from the bottom and work your way up.

Make sure pre-decorated cupcakes have had a chance to sit in the fridge for at least 30 minutes prior to decorating.

Do not use super moist cupcakes for your boquets, as they will be very difficult to stay on your skewers.  Same concept for your frosting.  Very soft frosting has a tendency to move or “run” when the cupcakes are at an angle.

Tie a pretty bow around your planter and be amazed at your fantastic creation!